Payment is strictly on completion Payment preferred by Cash or Cheque. If the driver is required to wait until payment is received You will be charged for the additional time.There is 2 hour minimum on all transport & removal jobs. After 2 hours, rates are charged in 15 minute increments.

Cancellations and Amendments

If you cancel or amend your booking less than 24 hours before booked time, then Small Moves will charge you the Cancellation and Amendments Fee which we received as a deposit.

Arrival Times are estimated

We do our best to be on time circumstances out of our control may cause delays.We do not offer discounts for lateness.

On locations

It is the clients responsibility to be present at all times at all addresses concerned throughout the moving process, Small Moves will not be held responsible if the property is left unattended.Small Moves for itself and its couriers and agents excludes all liability for any damages to private property, Small Moves once invited onto private property to perform a task or service, the client / customer acknowledges that Small Moves will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur while performing a task for them.

Helping the Small Moves team

We also offer an option for our customer to bring the items to the removals vehicle, this could save you time and money.Please ask us for further information and instructions on helping our team, as they have been trained to pack the truck in the fastest, most efficient way.We reserve the right to refuse, cease or stop the job if our staff are abused – verbally or otherwise.

Rain and Bad Weather

Our Team will work in the rain / bad weather but if it is absolutely tipping down then we go on with undercover work, for example unpadding furniture, folding pads, disassembling/assembling beds or furniture or creating stacks and carrying bundles e.g. Sofas, Cabinets and tables.

High Rise Apartments & Elevator access

Most building managers require that you book the lift when moving in or out of a high-rise apartment building. Please check your lift booking before confirming your move date.Some high-rise apartment blocks have height restrictions for removals vehicles. Please advise us so we can make alternative arrangements.

Plants / Pot Plants

As a general rule please don’t water them prior to your move, for the safety of transporting, if possible bag the base of the pots so dirt and water does not affect the rest of your items.

Rubbish / Old Furniture Removal

In the event during your home / office Removal, you may have Old furniture & Rubbish to get rid ofWe suggest you take the time to organise to get rid of any items prior to your move, as you would be charged a disposal and handling fee, subject to inspection.

Dangerous Goods

We are not allowed by Law to transport any Dangerous Goods, such as Flammable items / gases i.e. BBQ Gas Bottle, portable gas burner canisters, Lawn Mower with Fuel Cans, Jerry Cans. Firearms / Explosives – Poisons / Toxins.


We pride ourselves in taking extreme care of your belongings, for the Transport & Removal of your items we supply the equipment needed when handling your items (Blankets/Pads, Straps/Ties and Trolleys) to ensure everything is moved safely and securely. We move the most delicate items including plasma televisions, computers, paintings, glass, vases, antiques, etc on a daily basis. However if you are extremely concerned because you have items of value that are irreplaceable, then we recommend that you arrange your own insurance.

Please contact us for full details of our Insurance Coverage

Disclosure of your information

The information you provide to us will be held on our computers in the UK and accessed by or given to our staff working within the UK. Unless required to do so by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent.